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For the best party!

Want to throw the most memorable party of the year? Make it a cookie dough party and you're guaranteed success. 

With our Mobile Cookie Dough Bar, you get a unique dessert experience like nothing you've ever seen before. Guests can choose from multiple flavors of gourmet edible cookie dough and toppings to create their own delicious masterpiece.  

Self Service Cookie Dough Bar

Choose up to four gourmet edible cookie dough flavors and four topping choices to create the most memorable event of the year! Service includes all the materials for service, including cups, spoons and napkins. 

Full Service Cookie Dough Bar

Want a fully staffed, cookie dough bar experience? We'll bring all the supplies and the staff to create the most memorable dessert experience you can imagine. Just $50/hour!(in addition to your dough choice



1) How many people do you plan to serve?

2) Do you want to pick up, have us deliver or have us staff the event?

3) Want to create the ultimate experience and design your own cookie dough? Just let us know! 

Cookie Dough Bar Delivery

If you'd like your mobile cookie dough bar delivered, we'll bring all the supplies directly to you! For just $50 (in addition to your dough choice) within 30 miles of our location. $.69/mile beyond 30 miles

Custom Dough Experience

Want to collaborate with us to create a one of a kind cookie dough for your special event? We'll set up time to create a unique flavor just for you and can even do a tasting before your event. Just add $2/per person for that flavor. 

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